Linda Purl: Out Of This World Live (Autographed CD)

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When Linda Purl enters a room, it turns into technicolor. Warm Radiant and breathtaking, she really doesn’t have to do anything but stand there. Fortunately for us, she does a great deal more, as the ‘Live in Concert’ CD you are holding in your hand is about to prove. Her versatility and range as an actress of depth and power are matched by a singing voice of melted mercury. There is nothing careless or second-rate about anything she does. On tropical Latin tempos, romantic ballads or swinging jazz classics, her supersonic taste in songs is surpassed only by the wit and intelligence with which she performs them. With polish, self-assurance, and the kind of phrasing that probes the subtexts of her lyrics, she turns each composition into a one-act play. Linda Purl makes you think while you’re having fun, and leaves you cheering, she is merely marvelous.
– Rex Reed

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2005



  1. The Best Is Yet To Come
  2. Happy Madness
  3. Midnight Sun
  4. Good Night Kiss
  5. You’ve Changed
  6. This Time Tomorrow
  7. Introduction (spoken)
  8. You Go To My Head
  9. Too Close For Comfort
  10. Chat with Desi (spoken)
  11. Forever’s All We Know (duet with Desi Arnaz, Jr.)
  12. Out Of This World
  13. I’ll Be Seeing You
  14. Where Do I Find Love
  15. Blue Window
  16. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  17. Thank you (spoken)
  18. Sweet Beginnings