Dear Friends,

Trust this finds you and yours well. Happy to report that we completed the privilege and adventure both of touring in the UK for over a period of six plus months. We traveled over 2k miles on the largely country lane drives to our venues, most of them built in the late 19th century, one more beautiful than the next and still going strong.  Our cast and company mates have become life long pals and we were renewed in our belief in/passion for live theatre. The curtain call at our last and 152nd performance, had me in floods of grateful tears. Just for fun we made a series of videos to chronicle much of it.  The first one is here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHOZF6xn9vs

Looking ahead, yours truly will be on General Hospital with a stint as Peyton Honeycutt that starts to air September 15. It was a joy to do and what an incredible cast and crew they have!  Really happy to say I’ll get to work with long term pal and quadruple threat, Kevin Spirtas on his ongoing series, After Forever https://www.amazon.com/After-Forever/dp/B07CK6TL1P for their third season. 

Patrick and I have launched a new endeavor Duffy’s Dough. Wow..what a learning curve it has been. Briefly, Patrick’s Mom, Mrs, Duffy, had been gifted with a wonderful sourdough starter in Alaska in 1952. Patrick and his sister have kept the starter going right up until today. With responses from friends and family who have tried the starter so consistently being raves, he thought it could be fun to extend the access to anyone interested in trying it. With that we began… and with the help of a team of incredibly smart not to mention generous business folks, we hatched the plan. We have learned all sorts of terms like ROI, NAV, P/E… it’s a long list.  E-commerce is a language of it’s own, then there are the FDA regulations to learn and meet, the food handling license tests to pass. Suffice to say it has kept us busy and challenged both. Should the company succeed, our aim is to get to the point where, following from afar the great good example of Mr. Newman and Newman’s Own, we are able to support causes particularly in food scarcity we’d like the company to be able to give to. That’s the dream, we’ll see how far we get! Please check us out if you’d be so inclined on…. https://duffysdough.com/

Very moving to see the pageantry filled tributes to Queen Elizabeth. As we happened to have been in the UK during the joyful celebrations of her Jubilee, feel like we got to witness first hand the pride, admiration and love for their Queen the nation so viscerally felt. A life of purpose, beautifully fulfilled. What an example. May she rest in peace. 
I’d be delighted if you want to connect over Cameo for birthday, anniversary, get well, congratulatory greetings. Should you find you want some new tracks in your life, maybe check out my CD Taking a Chance on Love. 

Stay safe, stay resilient!



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