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Thanks so much for visiting the site! Trust your spring is in full bloom. Thrilled to report we are back from a wonderful trip back to my childhood stomping grounds of Tokyo.  My parents were in business there for 25 years all together, 30 in Asia at large so Japan has played a huge part in my life.  Grateful for every
moment and nuance of it. Got to do a few concerts in Nagoya and Tokyo with wonderful musicians then stayed on for some visits with old pals and travels alike.  Always grateful for the global perspective
politically and otherwise, traveling outside the U.S. provides. If nothing else it proves a reminder that we are profoundly interconnected not only as humankind but through intricate multi-national business
dependencies and climate issues as well.

Band in Japan:
Bass: Takumi Hawaii, me, Drims: Gene Jackson, Piano: Koji Goto

With Patrick at the Gold Pavilion, Kyoto

At the Asakusa Temple

Earlier in the spring Music Director Tedd Firth and I have the privilege of performing with DiVA Jazz Orchestra at NY’s Birdland to a sold out house.  DIVA is a phenomenal 16 piece all female orchestra led by drummer Sherrie Maricle and oh boy can those ladies play! Singing with them is like taking a ride on a magic carpet. Nothing like a big band sound to wipe the winter blues away, 

With Tedd Firth and DIVA Jazz Orchestra

With Jim Caruso of Birdland

With Tedd Firth

Duffy’s Dough carries on. What an adventure it has been. Still dehydrating the starter in the certified kitchen but all the rest of it is packed at home.  Who knows.. one day again, our home might actually be something other than a packing factory!   Hope you might check us out at Duffy’s Dough. Remember all our net profits go to food scarcity programs so the more we can sell the more we can give away.  Also if youre in the mood for something utterly ridiculous check out our Duffys Dough YouTube clips… firmly sticking to Peter Pan’s adage,  “I won’t grow up.” (Please add link to the D’sD YouTube videos.)

Some shows coming up over summer. If were in your neck of the woods hope youll drop in – click here.

This is our latest release. Tedd’s and my fourth made entirely possible by our Executive Producer Harry Schoen. 

Available Now

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/43Xz9bL

Apple Music: https://apple.co/3saI6kL

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Be well, enjoy the journey. Stay safe, stay resilient! 


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