Cool Causes and Friends

Actors Fund

I love this organization and the people who make it work. It has a broad outreach of support to the arts community and makes a huge difference, in many cases THE difference in the lives of artists.

Helping Others Today

Dedicated to world peace, HOT builds tangible friendships between young leaders in China, Russia and the US. My son and I spent a month in China under this program and it was life changing. Truly.

Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation

Words fail to capture the courage Chris and Dana demonstrated and continue to inspire. They turned their life changing challenges into a learning moment for all of us. Their legacy is secure in the continuing good works of their Foundation.

Inner City Arts and Renaissance Youth Center

I worry, maybe you do too, about the vulnerability of disenfranchised youth.  As never before through the reach on the internet they are subject to options in life that would not serve them and can promote them to do harm to society at large.  I’m new to both these organizations and believe strongly in their mission and efficacy. Kids need strong alternatives for good and here are two gateway organizations.

Cool Friends

Harry Yeatman Biggs

Harry is a remarkable painter of scope. Check out his site and you’ll get a sense of the breadth and beauty of his work.  Commissions welcomed!!

Amanda Mc Broom

Simply put, I’m a fan. If you’re not one already…take a listen and you will be too.

Colorado Springs Music Conservatory

Sometimes you meet a miracle worker. Linda Weise, Conservatory Founder and Director is one.  The honed and stellar talents that graduate from CSMC bring harmony, literally and figuratively, to the world.