Linda Purl

 2014! The Year of the Horse, one in which we’re all supposed to be able to gallop ahead in our lives. Jay and I seem to have taken it to mean sea horse, moved onto the Thomas Crosby V and set sail. Fortunately I’m finding you can fly out to work from wherever we are. We’ve docked in Mexico for the foreseeable future, learning the language, and I’m thrilled to say I can now make a mean guacamole!

Keep your eyes open and fingers crossed that the new CBS series Reckless gets picked up for another season. We got to shoot the first season in Charleston and had a blast! Touring continues with The Year of Magical Thinking and concerts, which is great fun. Most grateful for these experiences.

Try Midnight Caravan: Celebrating the Great Ladies of the Glamorous Nightclub Era for your CD listening pleasure! It features Desi Arnaz Jr. and Papo Pepin on percussion, and I get to duet with the divine Tom Wopat. Musical Director Tedd Firth has put forth stunning arrangements, bringing together a dream list of musicians. We had an absolute blast recording in NYC. You can find the CD here and here.

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